What is Ki Development?

Ki development is a way to bridge the gap between the still calmness of our meditation practices and the turbulence of our aikido practice and daily lives. By focusing on maintaining the experience of mindbody oneness while moving, we gain confidence.

We use movements from aikido, other arts such as Chi Kung, and daily life. We practice applying the principles of Ki Development to these movements in order to able to remain calm and collected no matter happens.

Keep One Point

By calmly bringing our attention to the one point in the lower abdomen, we can more easily realize the original and natural oneness of mind and body.

Relax Completely

By letting go of our conventional ideas of strength and weakness, we are able to experience the power of living relaxation.

Keep Weight Underside

When we are naturally relaxed, the body supports itself. Therefore, there is no need to hold ourselves up with tension.

Ki is Extending

Ki flows constantly and naturally. It is only our own concepts and hangups that get in the way.

“It is easier to coordinate mind and body when we are sitting or standing still than when in motion. But true unification means to maintain the coordination of mind and body even when we are moving.”

—Soshu Koichi Tohei Sensei

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We are proud members of the Eastern Ki Federation and the International Ki Society